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His Love Letters

Greeting Cards for Men

The idea of creating cards “for men only”, and calling them His Love Letters originally took seed years ago (under the shadiest tree us construction workers could find) while eating lunch and getting a half hour relief from the heat. On any given construction site, there would be about 20 of us (block layers, plumbers, excavators, concrete finishers, etc.), from ages of 16 to 60 to meet for 30 minutes of peace and quiet, shade…and a few laughs.


It began as a joke.

One young concrete finisher, who was normally all smiles and jokes, sat off by himself, quiet.

“What’s wrong Dan?” I asked.

“He’s pouting ‘cause his girlfriend dumped him last night.” One guy said.

“Shut up stupid.” Dan said without raising his head.

Most started smiling, but a few guys respected his privacy, and pretended not to hear.

“She didn’t dump me; we just got in a fight.”

“What about?” An older man, one everyone liked, asked.

“I went out with someone else. Don’t really know why. It just happened. I was stupid.”

“Damn right you’re stupid. I’ve seen how your girlfriend treats you, bringing you lunch and all of us Gatorade when it’s hot.” Another concrete finisher said.

“How did the fight end?” I asked.

“She doesn’t want to see me for a while. I wish I could put into words what she means to me. She won’t answer her phone and talk to me.”

“Just write a letter, and put it on her car.”

“If I could write, I would. I’m not good at it.”

“I’ll help you. We ought to be able to come up with a few good sentences for her to want to talk to you again.”

By the end of the week, Dan’s girlfriend was waiting for him at lunch.

He later confessed, it was the kindest letter she had ever received.

What began as a joke, as years went by, became somewhat of a second trade. Guys would bring Valentines or Anniversary cards to me and ask what they should write. It was always their thoughts; I just helped put it on paper.

They were great guys, who really loved their woman. They just weren’t sure how to say it.


Look for His Love Letters Greeting Cards coming soon.